Barium sulfate for the white or gray crystalline powder,is an important mineral containing barium,have strong chemical inertia,can absorb the harmful rays(X-ray and y-rays),etc.,there are glass-gloss,non-magnetic and non-toxic.Thus,widely used in chemical, paint,rubber, glass,paper,medicine and other fields.

1.For coatings, paints,can be used as paint, paint filler to replace barium sulfate precipitation,lithopone,titanium dioxide,such as higher prices of raw materials,suitable for control of paint viscosity,light color products, good stability.

2.For the plaatics industry, can be used in ABS plastic packing materials to make our products shine bright, as well as improve product strength,stiffness and wear resistance.

3.For the rubber industry,28um for the following products can be a large mumber of rubber as afiller to reduce costs,increase product hardness, acid and water resistance,etc.,and natural rubber and synthetic rubber reinforcing the role of a good.

4.For medicine, can be used as imaging gastrointestinal barium meal of raw materials, can also be used for poaster and the fill dose, increasing the shelf life of drugs.

5.For the paper industry,high-fineness of barite powder white paper can be used.Copper coated paper fillers and fillders to enhance brightness and improve the surface coverage.

6.For cosmetics,white and soft pink barite,no side effects on the skin, canreplace titanium dioxide.

7.Used for ceramics.

8.Aut paint for paint,in paint,primer,etc.

9.Powder Coatings-Powder Coatings for high-light, flat powder coatings,powder coatings,such as matte;

10. Insulation material-used for flame-retardant cables,switches,etc.

11.Rubber products-used tires, rubber parts,etc.

12.Ink-for the printing inks,screen printing ind,etc.

13.Sealing material -material used for sealing, insulation materials,etc.

14.Sporting Goods -for bowling,golf,tennis.